Day 29

Fasting phase, morning: Up at about 9am and went for a nice 30min+ walk around the park. Almost all the other people out were joggers, though I was surprised still at how many people were out on Easter Sunday. It was a nice walk and something I can incorporate into my weekends for sure as it is nice to have done something other than sit around for the morning.

I thought about how to manage meals so that I can leave enough room post-workout but not have to have a full meal then if it’s late since I often workout around 9pm. I’ve settled on eating for maintenance (about 1500) and then adding on whatever else post-workout, so I need to consider quick and easy snacks – I see a lot of cottage cheese in my future. Plus if I need something before I workout, I’ll try to always have some sort of oatmeal bar or something available.

11:00 – Time for an espresso. Well it is elevenses 🙂

Starting baking some quinoa bars…

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with fried eggs, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans and coffee. A full breakfast would probably include some sausages and toast but leaving those out makes a big difference calorie-wise and I was definitely satisfied with what I had.

Still felt like cooking so I had the quinoa bars still baking (mixture was too wet) and so I made some tuna burgers for later and put them in the fridge. I’m gonna have them with parsnip and apple mash with a bit of mustard mixed in.

Now I’m gonna see about making something else… not sure what yet. I have some pears so maybe pear crumble but I’m gonna search through a few recipes and see what takes my fancy. It’s always a challenge to get some low calories dessert stuff, so if I do I try to make lots like with brownies or something.

20:00 – Made bread but still waiting for it to bake. I had to adjust the recipe a bit so hope I didn’t ruin it – smells really good anyway! Had tuna burgers, steamed spring greens tossed in sesame oil and parsnip mash with apple puree and mustard. Quite yummy, though I would like some dessert. I’m gonna wait for the bread though and it’s still early anyway so I’m not gonna be greedy. 🙂

The bread never really dried out properly (in other words, baked properly) but it’s delicious! I’m keeping it as it’s only slightly wet and it’ll keep in the fridge and be lovely toasted. Next time I’ll use less of the wet ingredients.

Finished off Easter Sunday with a shared Cadbury’s creme egg, my favourite of the little chocolate eggs… and watching ‘How to cook like Heston’ where he’s doing a chocolate special. Food porn.

Fasting phase, evening: Sailed into the fasting stage as usual with a full stomach.

Overall, a great day filled with food! I really liked the walk this morning; it combines the fresh feeling of fasting with the freshness of the spring outdoors – everything glows this time of year. I’m looking forward to another walk tomorrow morning. And I’ve taken the rashers/bacon out to defrost as well as some veggie sausages and I’m planning to have those with some of my bread toasted and perhaps some poached eggs, depending on how I’m feeling. Who knew that fasting and counting calories could be so delicious? And I came in under my calories today, which is unusual on days I spend in the kitchen baking.

Stats: 1483 calories, 139g carbs, 59g fat, 97g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (although I walked for 35mins and spent most of the day on my feet in the kitchen, but none of it was particularly challenging).


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