Day 28

Fasting phase, morning: Woke up after only a few hours sleep and decided to get up anyway as I had lots of sleep yesterday. Feeling quite awake actually. I’ve decided I need more low-level cardio type activity so I was gonna go for a walk this morning for about 40-45mins but instead I’m gonna clean the bathroom, which is a lot more productive. 🙂 I think I’m still feeling the food from yesterday, to be honest, which I don’t really like as I don’t feel ‘fresh’ (for want of a better word) so I think I’ll have a herbal tea.

Progress: I keep track of my measurements (bust, waist, hips) and my weight as well as calorie intake, carbs, fat & protein. So I had a look at how it was progressing since I started IF as it has been 4 weeks now. If the scale is right, I have lost up to 1kg plus 1cm on all my measurements. Nutrition has been okay but getting too much on rest days and still not enough on work days, on average, with carbs hovering at around half of total macro intake and protein and fat sharing around a quarter each. I need to work out how much difference there is on workout days (moderate+ activity level) versus rest days (light, sedentary). Looking at it weekly, the calorie levels follow the carb levels pretty closely – I think that’s the main finding, that I need to concentrate on getting more fat & protein and as a result, less carb.


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