Day 63 – Saturday

Fasting phase, morning: I slept til about 10am and woke up not feeling great so made no plans for breakfast and cleaned the kitchen instead. If I was a breakfast-eater, I would’ve made something and sat on the couch I reckon, so it’s kind of good to have that ‘freedom’ to do stuff otherwise.

Feeding phase: When it came to feeding time, I didn’t want to make anything and really felt like going out so ate out and instead of having a breakfast type of thing, I had a nice tuna steak with cous cous. Felt great – nice and fresh. By the time I ate it must have been about half one, so broke the fast late, which is good because it started late last night anyway.

Cut the really long lawn with the manual mower during the afternoon, which almost broke me. I had a boiled egg with cottage cheese halfway through and two coffees but still, it almost finished me. I still have scars on my hands from pulling grass out from between the blades. So I was pretty trashed after that and needed something easy to make for dinner but yet nutritious so that I could feed my weary self. I roasted veg and had them with a tomato based sauce and some borlotti beans mashed up with half the roasted carrot. Really easy, tasty and nutritious – 444 calories, 64g carbs, 11g fat, 24g protein – most of that from the beans.

Later on, I felt like something a bit sweet and indulgent so I had some Greek yoghurt with orange pieces and agave nectar and mixed in some seed mix with that as well. So nice. Greek yoghurt is the best.

Fasting phase, evening: I started this fairly early but also fairly full.

Overall, a good day but hard to decide how much to have since I did a couple of hours of hard labour in the garden but it’s not technically ‘lifting heavy things’. Unsure, so I didn’t worry too much about calories and sort of ate to please myself too – easy food, indulgent creamy yoghurt, etc. Happened to come in under calorie anyway, which isn’t great as I did need the fuel. Still, I had a good bit of carb so my muscles would have that to feed themselves.

Stats: 1479 calories, 173g carbs, 44g fat, 98g protein. Activity level: Light (hard to say).


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