Day 64 – Sunday

Fasting phase, morning:Got up fairly late and was a bit hungry but not bad.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a decent fry-up – rashers, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes and sauteed mushrooms, accompanied by some tea. Still learning to properly cook up meat but it was tasty! Was still hungry though and was mindful of probably not having eaten enough yesterday so also had some fruit & yoghurt – blueberries, pear, orange pieces, Greek yoghurt and agave nectar. Very satisfying. Still loving that I can have such big meals and still stay within a healthy range.

Studied later on and did a quick half hour workout as I wasn’t feeling tip-top. Followed that with a lovely biryani made with black beans and veg. Even though it’s made with white rice it was quite low in calories, although mostly made up of carbs. Might try mixing up some brown & white rice next time.

Baked some banana & peanut butter bread with dates, so had a taste of that before starting the fast. Tasty but a bit too moist so will change the quantities next time. I made it this time with oats, so it’s got more protein & fat and less carbs, though more calories. Had some apple & peanut butter before starting the fast as well – bit of indulgence but still healthy.

Fasting phase, evening: Went into this during a study session.

Overall, a good day with a variety of food & snacks and very easy to keep to the calorie count as well. I’m getting very used to the right portion sizes and snacks but still need to sort out macro breakdown.

Stats: 1980 calories, 216g carbs, 76g fat, 105g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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