Day 62 – Friday

Fasting phase, morning: This flew in mostly as it was quite busy in work. I was ready for lunch when it came along as I had started the fast early. I did consider finishing it early with a snack mid-morning but didn’t really feel like it and it seems more worthwhile to just eat during the same window each day rather than think about start & end time.

Feeding phase: Went to a new cafe for lunch as I’ve been out a lot and am really bored of the local options – not much healthy variety if you don’t want bread or pasta. Great cafe where I had a nice brie salad with cranberry topping. Felt great, although it wasn’t very filling – brie is great for fat & protein though, so that was good, it’s just that there wasn’t much else that was filling in it.

Made a massive salad for dinner later on – 180g lettuce, so lots of fibre! I put in pine nuts and walnuts to give it some good fat and used pesto for dressing with olive oil, so more fat. I added boiled eggs and some cream cheese as well. All the factors of great nutrition, I think. It turned out to be fat-heavy followed by protein, then carbs. I could have and maybe should have had more carbs in it as it’s a workout day today but I can always follow my workout with carbs so it was nice to have something lighter before working out. Also I had had a muffin when I got home, so that was mostly carbs anyway.

Had a great workout, though it took me past 10pm so I started the fast late as I needed to eat post-workout. I had a protein shake during the workout as well, which I mixed with some milk and coffee – so nice. Post-workout I had a really nice bowl of chopped pear with stewed apple (heated) topped with chocolate (melted) and Greek yoghurt. Phwoarh, so sexy! I still didn’t hit my max calories but I got enough in so that my muscles were able to eat.

Fasting phase, evening: Started this late and just after eating.

Overall, a great day of healthy food including desserts and muffin!

Stats: 1776 calories, 124g carbs, 108g fat, 86g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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