About this blog and I

Since I’ve been optimising my fitness and nutrition approaches, I decided to keep a blog so that I can look back and see how it’s gone without misty-eyed nostalgia and also to share the experience so that others who are thinking of doing similar things can see how it went for me.

What I’m doing: Intermittent Fasting based on the leangains guide of 14 hours fasting, 10 hours feeding window (16/8 for men). I’m not incorporating the training side of leangains at the moment so I’m not actually ‘doing’ leangains, just using the IF guide.

Background: Since sometime in the summer I’ve been tracking my diet casually as I suspected it wasn’t as good as it could be even though it was pretty healthy. From October I started tracking what I ate on MyFitnessPal while learning more and more about nutrition and as a result I’ve made some changes, such as cutting calories, introducing meat and reducing carbohydrates. I’ve dropped a lot of fat, kept/gained muscle, continued making progress in my workouts and dropped a dress size while still sleeping well, maintaining or improving energy levels and being generally happy.  I’ve also started baking and cooking a lot more and am actually enjoying it now and even getting creative, which has made a big difference to my life. I’ve heard about IF and leangains for at least a year and a half but only now feel like it’s something I want to try and since then I’ve learned more about it and the benefits so here goes.

What else I’m doing: I’m following the Convict Conditioning bodyweight programme, do yoga about once a week, play badminton when I can get a court, do some weight training around once a week, go swimming very occasionally, and may start a lunchtime thai/kick/boxing workout at a gym near work. I’m also studying statistics in the evenings – my final year will end in October with an exam. Because of these other activities, I’m not prepared to go full-on leangains as I’m happy keeping something a bit more flexible and spontaneous, though I may change that if it seems like the best idea later on.

Supplements: Daily I take Omega3 Fish Oil (1000mg), CoEnzymeQ10 (30mg), Iron (Amino Acid Chelate: 70mg – every 2nd day-ish), Creatine (3g), Acetyl L-Carnitine (1g), Choline (1g).


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