Day 30

Fasting phase, morning: Went for another lovely walk, slightly longer this time at 40 minutes and it was lightly raining so that was great because it meant even fewer people out and we really need rain as we are in drought so it’s good to have. Also, I quite like walking in the rain when I’ll be finishing the walk at home where I can immediately jump into fresh clothes or the shower or whatever.

Got home and had a herbal tea – fruity – and just did some organisational stuff for myself around events and trips out of town. Nice to take the time to organise a few things so I don’t let the time slip by with just working and stuff.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a fry up – rashers, sausage, poached egg and some of that bread I made yesterday toasted with some butter. Really nice stuff, especially when it’s slightly cold and rainy outside – feels good and proper. Sometimes food just goes with the weather. 🙂

14:00 – Gonna have another cuppa tea and chill for a while before studying later on and doing a workout. I read a bit about Reverse Pyramid Training yesterday and it seems about right for me so I might give that a go later on. I’m doing deadlifts today and I’m not sure what my 1RM is so might find that out later.

Worked out today and used the Reverse Pyramid Training style for my deadlift sets, which I like but I’ll need to arrange the plates on the bar in a more convenient way next time. That may help me not drop the bar on my foot again! Hit a PR though – 75kg for 4 reps. Woo!

Dinner was a weird mash-up of peas & soya beans mashed up with pesto & Greek yoghurt, mixed in with pasta and some fine green beans. It was okay. Needed more calories so had a banana with more Greek yoghurt, some honey and a little bit of nutty granola.

My weight this morning was 53.5kg, which would mean I lost half a kilo in 2 days… it’s gone from 54.7kg on 30/03 to 53.5kg today – 1.2kg in 10 days. Probably okay but I’m keeping an eye on it.

Overall, a good day filled with lovely food but I did feel like pigging out at one point on fatty/sugary food. I had a cup of tea instead and it passed.

Stats: 1943 calories, 187g carbs, 78g fat, 109g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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