Day 65 – Monday

Fasting phase, morning: Was a bit hungry on the way to work this morning but it pretty much passed, although I did feel very much like lunch by the time noon rolled around. This may be the work of hormone levels though as I do feel like I want to just eat everything and never stop.

Feeding phase: Had some biryani from yesterday – tasty. Followed by a nice white coffee and an apple for dessert. Had some 70% cocoa chocolate during the afternoon but couldn’t wait to get home to have some more of that banana & peanut butter bread, which had dried out a bit but was still nice and moist. Tastes so good – why do carbs have to be so tasty?!

Dinner was a fresh medley of smoked salmon, goat’s cheese, asparagus, salad and humous. Fantastic. Followed that with some… banana & peanut butter bread! Later on had some 90% cocoa chocolate – oh the darker the better – and copious amounts of tea during studying.

Studied for the rest of the evening and into the fasting phase.

Fasting phase, evening: Had some chocolate & tea just before starting and now off to bed feeling pretty good.

Overall, a day of feeling like eating everything everywhere so was quite handy to have fasting windows and feeding windows to keep some control on it as it’s not really healthy.

Stats: 1542 calories, 178g carbs, 68g fat, 56g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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