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Day 21

Fasting phase, morning: Up at about 9am today and starting with a cup of chai tea (no milk, no sugar) as I’m cutting down on coffee for a while.

Feeding phase: Made oat pancakes and had them with some maple syrup followed by some freshly made nutty granola with Greek yoghurt and banana with honey. Beautiful. An 800 calorie breakfast… nice.

18:00 – Naptime! Did some study but my brain is elsewhere and I’m trashed – I must be ill so I’m gonna go with it and sleep my way through.

Dinner was a really nice lamb stew with potatoes coming in at about 500 calories, which is low for the size of the serving. 26g protein – not bad.

Fasting phase: Slept my way into this on the couch while watching some shit on telly, not even sure what.

Overall, I must be ill so just going with the flow for now and will see the doc if I don’t get better in a few days. Calories were above target today but that’s good as it makes up for yesterday.

Stats: 1738 calories, 229g carbs, 63g fat, 75g protein. Activity Level: Sedentary.


Day 20

Fasting phase, morning: Feeling pretty rough this morning and really don’t want to be in work. I’m looking forward to lunch but not sure if that’s just because I can take a break or because it means the day is over soon or because I’m hungry. Could be any of those.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with the rest of the tuna bean salad from yesterday with an additional hard boiled egg. So nutritious, so delicious.

13:30 – Already had some chocolate (Green & Black’s 70% cocoa) and my oatmeal bar and a white coffee. Not really pacing myself today but am having a stressful work day so could do with eating now and then nothing til I get home.

Got home early enough and had roast veg & quinoa for dinner almost immediately so I could get a workout in later on. Leaving work at 4pm means I get home early enough to do all that and even better if it’s already made and I just need to heat it up. Did a good workout – hit a PR on the deadlift: 70kg for 3×5. I was gonna keep raising the weight to find my 1RM but wanted to achieve two challenges with the squat: 3 reps at 45kg and 20reps at 27.5kg. Felt good.

Had some cottage cheese on rice cakes afterwards followed by a sexy oatmeal bar with a slather of peanut butter… but still didn’t make the right number calories for today. I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Fasting phase, evening: Will probably head to bed soon so as usual, most of the fast will be in the morning.

Overall, a good day with pretty good timing of stuff and I’m glad to have had a decent workout.

Stats: 1672 calories, 189g carbs, 48g fat, 111g protein. Activity level: Moderate.

Day 19

Fasting phase, morning: Up at about 8:30am on a day off today. I have an appointment for 10:30am for a Bod Pod bodyfat estimate so it’s fortunate that it’s better if you don’t eat beforehand since this is my ‘normal’ now. Looking forward to the estimate, although I hope I haven’t underestimated myself so far… I think I may be around 23%. Ideally I would be 20% but I’m fairly sure I’m not there yet!

Update: The measurement was waaaay off – 10% bf. There’s just no way that’s correct. No way. Very disappointing as I still don’t know what I am then. Now I want to go get another one done but not bodpod this time, probably calipers if not the water one.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a white coffee while waiting to go for pizza. Had a great pizza in Pizza Express but it was very expensive – £11.10. Oh well, it was nice… for 800 calories. 🙂 One problem with eating out is not the hard to avoid calories (even salad has dressing) but the lack of information about nutritional breakdown. Pizza Express have calorie counts but nothing else, so won’t have proper macro count for today.

Dinner was an amazing nutritious salad with tuna, borlotti beans, raw courgette… phwoarh. Followed by black bean brownies and banana custard that I made last night. The brownies were nice but a bit sweet and the custard was a bit thick and not all that tasty – quite banana-y but nothing exciting.

Fasting phase, evening: Slipped into fasting stage following a coffee post-dinner where I tried to study but I’m just not with it today. Feeling absolutely knackered so off to bed with me. Looking forward to a quiet weekend where I can catch up on stuff.

Stats (missing macro breakdown for lunch): 1496 calories, 99g carbs (definitely too low considering lunch was pizza), 49g fat (pizza with cheese…), 70g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.

Day 18

Fasting phase, morning: Pretty easy this morning and quite nice to not bother with it. I’m definitely enjoying shorter ‘getting ready’ times in the morning at home and I spend longer brushing my teeth, so that’s good!

Just one espresso and a lemon & ginger tea and loads of water.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a nice big vegetarian omelette, salad and a couple of white coffees. Really nice Portuguese (I think) place around the corner from my office with outside space, so it was great to sit out in the blazing March sun. 🙂

Dinner was roasted veg with some quinoa before going to the shops to pick up some more Greek yoghurt & cottage cheese – can’t get enough of those! Picked up some more stuff and made some black bean & chocolate brownies and some banana custard (mainly to use up the egg yolks from the brownies). Brownies came to 45cals per serving and custard came to 134cals per serving. I haven’t tasted either yet as I’m now into my fast (it’s nearly midnight) but they look good.

Finished the feed with a sexy bowl of Greek yoghurt, oatmeal bar, an orange and some agave maple syrup – I’ve had 3 oatmeal bars today but they are just so damn handy and tasty! Also I think they’ll go off really soon so want to finish them off.

Fasting phase, evening: Barely noticed the fasting period as I was busy baking!

Overall, an easy day though hormones dragging me down with waves of tiredness and some nausea. Made it easier to not be eating and didn’t want to drink a lot of coffee.

I’m not getting a good macronutrient ratio at the moment but I’ve bought some meat and I have a little more time at the moment so will sort that out with some better prepared meals.

Stats: 1586 calories, 208g carbs, 59g fat, 58g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (although I did wander round the shops for at least an hour).

Day 17

Couldn’t get wordpress to work yesterday so catching up today from memory…

Fasting phase, morning: Still feeling fairly ill & tired with hormones so it was a struggle to just stay focused and interested. All I wanted to do was lie down for a nap. Had just the one espresso and a herbal tea as I didn’t want to overload on caffeine and then crash.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a nice tuna nicoise salad from Pret out in the sun by the river. Held back from the apple for at least an hour to pace myself. Later on I had a quick snack at home of cottage cheese on rice crackers – best snack, so simple and nutritious and fresh – so that I could work out without being hungry. Also had an oatmeal bar with a layer of smooth peanut butter – niiiiiice.

Put on veg to roast while I worked out so I was going between the kitchen and sets a few times. 🙂

As I’ve added in a weights set to my bodyweight workout, I realised that I’m actually doing what a leangains workout would be though I need to check if it’s the same or similar intensity. So it’s quite possible I could get to the point where I am following the leangains principles without too much difficulty. However, there are two more elements – carb cycling and meal timing – that I may find more difficult, but I’ll see.

Had a good dinner of roast veg, mashed parsnips and some beans from the other day but still had some room, so had another oatmeal bar with a layer of peanut butter – crunchy this time.

Fasting phase: Started the fast shortly before going to bed so no biggie.

Overall, generally felt rough today from hormones but felt great for exercising and getting up and doing things, like making dinner and stuff like that. Didn’t make my calories for the day but was satiated and not denied anything, even peanut butter, so I’m happy with that.

Stats: 1526 calories, 190g carbs, 54g fat, 76g protein. Activity level: Moderate.

Day 16

Fasting phase, morning: Feeling a bit hungry but nothing exciting. It still feels good to not eat in the mornings but I’m wondering if I ever will wake up not thinking about the fact that I’m fasting.

10:55 – I have noticed that I’m not as warm in the mornings a few hours before I eat again, even though I’m drinking probably the same or more coffee. And my throat isn’t properly clear – my voice sounds slightly hoarse – and coughing or drinking water doesn’t totally clear it.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a nice pesto pasta and salad dish. Hard to calculate how much there was in it but I’ve come up with 500 calories, which sounds about right. Gonna sort myself out with some coffee now.

I’m figuring out that (a) during the fasting phase, it’s okay to be hungry and (b) during the feeding phase, pace yourself.

17:45 – Putting together a frittata to go with half serving of the salad from yesterday before playing some badminton at 7pm-ish. Timing is everything… don’t want to puke on the court.

19:55 – Not going to badminton as I’m not feeling up to it at all. The hormones are taking me down without a fight!

Fasting phase, evening: No exercise today as I’m feeling pretty rough – nausea, pain, fatigue. Got some study done and stayed within my calorie target though.

Overall, a day of feeling like shite but ate and worked well.

Stats: 1472 calories, 134g carbs, 81g fat, 56g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.

Day 15

Fasting phase, morning: Still pretty much feeling the effects of yesterday’s feast but have a nice brunch planned of a fry up with rashers – I haven’t had rashers in more than 10 years since I was vegetarian for about 16 years, so I’m looking forward to that even though I’m not really hungry.

Feeding phase: Great breakfast – rashers, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, poached eggs, tea. Went for a walk to the park afterwards and sat in the sun for a while with a coffee, which was really nice. The great thing about the day after a cheat day is that I don’t feel that hungry and also I don’t feel like I should/can have any cake so it makes it easy – I don’t feel I’m denying myself.

Dinner was a great big salad as neither of us were feeling all that hungry and I followed it later with an oatmeal bar drenched in Greek yoghurt & maple/agave syrup.

Fasting phase, evening: Went to bed early as I was totally trashed.

Overall, a day where I was fine in the morning, aside from feeling what may possibly be a food hangover, and then an evening & night of no energy which is possibly due to hormones dragging me down. So I slept a lot on the couch, watched some films and went to bed.

Stats: 1485 calories, 161g carbs, 50g fat, 78g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (not counting the walk to the park).


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