Day 59 – Tuesday

Fasting phase, morning: Was a little hungry at points this morning but quickly passed. I was pretty busy in work so that always helps and I had an espresso and some lemon & ginger tea with honey. Now that I don’t have a cold anymore, I should bring in some more herbal tea for the mornings to make it a bit more interesting.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast after noon with a tuna salad and egg followed by a nice coffee and an apple for dessert. I kept it light as I knew I was going to be tasting the muffins from yesterday and having more of that soda bread with dinner and more of that rhubarb crumble. So lunch was 250 calories and I waited til I got home to have anything else.

Had two muffins when I got home – about 439 calories – but hey, I had to taste what I baked as I was making more so I needed to know which ones to go with. They are all an experiment to find the best taste for the lightest calories and best macro breakdown. Put on more muffins before going to do a workout – these ones are banana & chocolate (90% cocoa) and hazelnuts & almonds. All of the muffins are between 200 and 250 calories but the yoghurt & blueberry have come out best for most fat & protein, although they weren’t as tasty at the cranberry & pecan ones.

Dinner was great for being low calorie, high fat and high protein (frittata with mozzarella & mushrooms) until I added in the bread & dessert, which made it quite high calorie & high carb, although not very high – 1,190 calories overall, 83g carbs, 69g fat, 55g protein. I’m okay with that as I did a good workout – swopped bench for incline bench today and managed to do well with 25kg, so will up the weight next time and start reverse pyramid training with that instead of flat bench.

Fasting phase, evening: Just started now and I’m feeling full from dinner and the coffee that followed. May do some study before heading to bed as it was a strong coffee so I probably have the energy.

Tomorrow I’ll be bringing in the muffins and banana bread but I have yoga so I have a good reason to not eat much of them with everyone else at 4pm. I’ll be out after that but will need to keep the calories fairly low considering the last few days have been quite high (Saturday, Monday, Tuesday).

Overall, slightly higher calories than planned but again, really good food and I did a workout so it’s all good.

Stats: 2,209 calories, 215g carbs, 105g fat, 105g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


Day 58 – Monday

Fasting phase, morning: Bank holiday Monday so got up at about 9am and worked out what I needed in the supermarket for a baking day! A whole day devoted to baking. I find it quite nice thinking about and preparing food while I’m fasting too 🙂  Went to the supermarket via the coffee shop where I got a machiatto – apparently they are always double shots in that place – found my place!

Feeding phase: Broke the fast around noon with some oat pancakes topped with half a banana, some Greek yoghurt and agave syrup. So tasty and very filling so that kept me going for a few hours easily. I spent the rest of the day baking in the kitchen and also made dinner – rabbit stew to go with the oat soda bread I baked that turned out really really nice. The bread is high calorie but there you go – just have to take that into consideration when eating it. I also made some rhubarb, pear & hazelnut crumble for dessert, which was had with some Greek yoghurt.

Didn’t really plan it well today though and ended up way over my calories but am calling it a cheat day as I did plan the baking and the rabbit, so I knew I may go over.

I also made some muffins but couldn’t taste them as I had already had loads to eat and I was into the fasting stage by the time they were ready. Blueberry & yoghurt and cranberry & pecans. I also made banana bread with pecans & dates – didn’t taste that either!

Fasting phase, evening: I was nice and full going into this, though I think it did start early. I tend not to keep that close an eye on when it starts really. Only if I don’t think I’ve had enough do I make sure to have something around 9:30pm.

Overall, a very satisfying day with really good homemade grub.

Stats: 2,216 calories, 265g carbs, 70g fat, 104g protein. Activity level: Sedentary – though I was on my feet for the whole day pretty much.

Day 57 – Sunday

Fasting phase, morning: I got up reasonably early and spent the morning chilling out before going to meet a mate for breakfast/brunch.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast after 12pm with a nice omelette (mushroom, tomato & mozzarella) and veg in a lovely cafe with a couple of coffees. Went home shortly afterwards and had a snack of a boiled egg chopped up in cottage cheese – really nice, fresh and filling. Did some study before making a really nice healthy dinner of grilled aubergine & courgette, mashed butter beans and poached eggs. Followed that with pear & orange fruit salad with a spoon of flaxseed and some Greek yoghurt. Nice. Aside from the beans & pear, there was lots of fat & protein, which is what I want on a rest day.

A lot of my calories come from white coffee – I had 4 of them today and that works out to nearly 200 calories. Worth it, though I could probably go for espresso sometimes instead. Still, life’s little pleasures… maybe if I was properly cutting I could do that but as a lifestyle choice, I love a good flat white.

Fasting phase: This started reasonably early as I didn’t have anything after that nice dinner and then came in under my calorie goal, although I wasn’t hungry, which is probably a result of all that fat.

Overall, an easy day with really healthy and tasty food.

Stats: 1398 calories, 98g carbs, 71g fat, 89g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.

Day 56 – Saturday

Fasting phase, morning: Got up around 9am, chilled out for a bit then went for a nice walk and got some stuff in the shops before coming home and starting breakfast.A walk is nice in the morning and it’s good to do this while fasted too.

Feeding phase: Put together a great breakfast of fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, veggie sausages and coffee. Chilled out on that afterwards on the couch until I needed to go out.

Had dinner out but accidentally it became quite a lot of calories with not much satiety. It was shared tapas and there was halloumi, aubergine dip, breaded squid and spanish tortilla – about 688 calories but yet felt like half a meal. Later on I had to have something else so shared a wrap and a flapjack… this was about enough but when I input the details, it turned out to be quite a lot of calories. Such a bummer when high calorie food isn’t that satiating so you need to eat more. I need to find high protein, high fat, low carb snacks that are in the shops/cafes but it’s hard.

Fasting phase, evening: I’d finished eating around 8pm, aside from half a bar around 9pm, so the fasting started a little early.

Overall, a day of nice but ultimately unsatisfying food outside of breakfast unfortunately. Oh well, so it goes. It was still healthy food as opposed to junk though.

Stats: 1932 calories, 142g carbs, 109g fat, 94g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (although I was on my feet for a few hours)

Day 55 – Friday

Fasting phase, morning: In work as normal and this was fine, no real hunger or anything.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with soup and a tuna salad. Keeping it light as I’m not working out tonight so this meal is great for being filling as well as quite light – 318 calories. However, on the way home I was feeling really shitty and just wanted some comfort chocolate, so I had a snickers. Haven’t had one of those in ages and really enjoyed it.

At home, I was still feeling like some comfort food so I boiled up an egg which is great for being filling, quick and healthy. Then I cooked up some chicken to go with half the leftover cous cous, which was delicious. So this made both lunch & dinner protein heavy, hurray.

Later on I had an oatmeal bar for some brain food and I drowned it in espresso – whoo! Nice.

Fasting phase, evening: Started this slightly early but not sure what time – maybe 9pm. I was studying and had lots of water so it was good.

Overall, a good day where macros were almost kept to – I didn’t have enough fat but I got a good bit of protein. I was able to indulge in a snickers and still keep to my calories, which is great.

Stats: 1562 calories, 130g carbs, 64g fat, 114g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.

Day 54 – Thursday

Fasting phase, morning: I was a bit hungry at points but not too bad and waited until about 1pm to have lunch since to I ate late last night.

Feeding phase: Lunch was leftover veg cous cous again, which was still delicious! At ~400 calories, it kept me going until I got home and I knew that I wasn’t going to be working out so it was good to just not have any snacks as it can too easily just become a lazy habit of constantly grazing.

There are tons of eggs in the fridge so I made a 4 egg omelette with mushrooms and smoked cheddar cheese. I had an apple for dessert which nicely sweet and fresh – feels good to think of an apple as dessert.

All day I just wanted to eat everything – I suspect hormones are kicking in so I’ve not taken it as a sign of actually needing to eat since I can see how much I have and it’s the right amount, if not a bit extra. Later on I indulged in a fruit salad with yoghurt that I mixed with cocoa powder to make chocolatey – so nice!

Fasting phase, evening: I had the fruit salad just before starting this so I was fine to roll into it.

Overall, a day of feeling like I want to eat everything was made a bit easier by not eating much, to be honest. It’s easier to eat nothing in the morning, know what Im’ eating during the day and nothing in the evening rather than deciding on every hour how much of what can I have and so on because eating didn’t satiate hunger today so I know it wasn’t about getting food in, it was something to do with comfort and hormonal cravings. I didn’t get enough fat & protein again…

Stats: 1446 calories, 142g carbs, 59g fat, 81g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.

Day 53 – Wednesday

Fasting phase, morning: I was out of the office all day at a team planning day so had to make do with one double espresso in the morning and that’s it til lunchtime. It was totally fine though and actually quite good to have had almost zero calories so I didn’t have to think too much about lunch.

Feeding phase: The menu options were all either potato or pastry or bread! I hate eating out sometimes. I got the goat’s cheese & beetroot salad and got the dressing on the side so that I didn’t just chow down on loads of oil. It was really lovely and nice and light for a day of sitting around thinking and discussing and planning. I had just the one coffee as they didn’t really give us much in the way of supplies. I had brought an oatmeal bar and an apple thankfully as I like to keep my brain from going to mush without some food.

I had yoga class after that and of course couldn’t eat before that and following that I went for some sports massage, so didn’t get home til after 10pm! I had to have dinner though but fortunately I had leftover veg cous cous so I heated that up – it’s always so worthwhile making big batches of dinner. The sports massage was interesting, they totally pummeled my shoulders. It was a class so I had a student and a teacher do some work on me. They said to come back for a few sessions and they’ll see how much they can sort out my shoulders – they immediately saw the imbalance and noted the rounding. The teacher suggested stopping all exercise but I think that’s a bit extreme, to be honest. Still, it’s good to hear an expert’s opinion on a few things – for example, he noted that my upper pecs need more work so said that incline bench and incline press would be much better for me than flat bench and I will do that next time bench day comes up.

Fasting phase, evening: It started around 11pm, I think, following an indulgent teaspoon of pure peanut butter – damn, it’s so tasty! I have a bit of a headache which is probably from not eating for so long plus having all that massage, which was around my shoulders & neck and was quite painful at times.

Overall, not a bad day though I had a long period without food and had to eat late. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes. I’m still not getting enough protein though…

I’ve also been thinking that I should do some kind of consolidation on these blog posts to put together bits of my experience into some kind of whole. I also may change it to focus on progression in exercise & other goals. Maybe when I get to Day 60 or something…

Stats: 1662 calories, 144g carbs, 88g fat, 79g protein. Activity level: Moderate.

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