Day 60 – Wednesday

Fasting phase, morning – had gone way over calories last night so shouldn’t have felt hungry but there were still little pangs. Easily forgotten though and they just pass right by. I am really enjoying my morning espresso though and I wonder if that’s just because I want to taste something. Hard to tell as I do love coffee anyway.

Feeding phase: I knew I was going out later so I wanted to get something good in so I went for a nice big veggie omelette with salad. I had tea this time, though I normally have coffee – unless I can get a good flat white, a white coffee tends to be a bit too milky. Great meal though.

Later in work, we had a celebration and there was lots of food, including some muffins I made on Monday. However, it was all just before yoga class so I couldn’t have a lot. I had half of two of my muffins though – 100-ish cals per half – and they were very tasty. I’ll definitely make those again.

After yoga, I went to a cafe and ate a tuna and egg salad with coffee so that I wasn’t going to be hungry in the pub and definitely didn’t want to be hungry all night during the fast. Tuna and egg are fast becoming my favourite go-to meals for great nutrition.

Fasting phase, evening: I was in the pub for the start of this and drinking water so barely noticed it as I don’t need to keep a watch.

Overall, a good day where food played a key role given it had to be timed for yoga and it was used for social celebrations, plus getting a feed in before the pub. Very easy to mismanage.

Stats: 1430 calories, 174g carbs, 55g fat, 57g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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