Day 59 – Tuesday

Fasting phase, morning: Was a little hungry at points this morning but quickly passed. I was pretty busy in work so that always helps and I had an espresso and some lemon & ginger tea with honey. Now that I don’t have a cold anymore, I should bring in some more herbal tea for the mornings to make it a bit more interesting.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast after noon with a tuna salad and egg followed by a nice coffee and an apple for dessert. I kept it light as I knew I was going to be tasting the muffins from yesterday and having more of that soda bread with dinner and more of that rhubarb crumble. So lunch was 250 calories and I waited til I got home to have anything else.

Had two muffins when I got home – about 439 calories – but hey, I had to taste what I baked as I was making more so I needed to know which ones to go with. They are all an experiment to find the best taste for the lightest calories and best macro breakdown. Put on more muffins before going to do a workout – these ones are banana & chocolate (90% cocoa) and hazelnuts & almonds. All of the muffins are between 200 and 250 calories but the yoghurt & blueberry have come out best for most fat & protein, although they weren’t as tasty at the cranberry & pecan ones.

Dinner was great for being low calorie, high fat and high protein (frittata with mozzarella & mushrooms) until I added in the bread & dessert, which made it quite high calorie & high carb, although not very high – 1,190 calories overall, 83g carbs, 69g fat, 55g protein. I’m okay with that as I did a good workout – swopped bench for incline bench today and managed to do well with 25kg, so will up the weight next time and start reverse pyramid training with that instead of flat bench.

Fasting phase, evening: Just started now and I’m feeling full from dinner and the coffee that followed. May do some study before heading to bed as it was a strong coffee so I probably have the energy.

Tomorrow I’ll be bringing in the muffins and banana bread but I have yoga so I have a good reason to not eat much of them with everyone else at 4pm. I’ll be out after that but will need to keep the calories fairly low considering the last few days have been quite high (Saturday, Monday, Tuesday).

Overall, slightly higher calories than planned but again, really good food and I did a workout so it’s all good.

Stats: 2,209 calories, 215g carbs, 105g fat, 105g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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