Day 58 – Monday

Fasting phase, morning: Bank holiday Monday so got up at about 9am and worked out what I needed in the supermarket for a baking day! A whole day devoted to baking. I find it quite nice thinking about and preparing food while I’m fasting too 🙂  Went to the supermarket via the coffee shop where I got a machiatto – apparently they are always double shots in that place – found my place!

Feeding phase: Broke the fast around noon with some oat pancakes topped with half a banana, some Greek yoghurt and agave syrup. So tasty and very filling so that kept me going for a few hours easily. I spent the rest of the day baking in the kitchen and also made dinner – rabbit stew to go with the oat soda bread I baked that turned out really really nice. The bread is high calorie but there you go – just have to take that into consideration when eating it. I also made some rhubarb, pear & hazelnut crumble for dessert, which was had with some Greek yoghurt.

Didn’t really plan it well today though and ended up way over my calories but am calling it a cheat day as I did plan the baking and the rabbit, so I knew I may go over.

I also made some muffins but couldn’t taste them as I had already had loads to eat and I was into the fasting stage by the time they were ready. Blueberry & yoghurt and cranberry & pecans. I also made banana bread with pecans & dates – didn’t taste that either!

Fasting phase, evening: I was nice and full going into this, though I think it did start early. I tend not to keep that close an eye on when it starts really. Only if I don’t think I’ve had enough do I make sure to have something around 9:30pm.

Overall, a very satisfying day with really good homemade grub.

Stats: 2,216 calories, 265g carbs, 70g fat, 104g protein. Activity level: Sedentary – though I was on my feet for the whole day pretty much.


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