Day 57 – Sunday

Fasting phase, morning: I got up reasonably early and spent the morning chilling out before going to meet a mate for breakfast/brunch.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast after 12pm with a nice omelette (mushroom, tomato & mozzarella) and veg in a lovely cafe with a couple of coffees. Went home shortly afterwards and had a snack of a boiled egg chopped up in cottage cheese – really nice, fresh and filling. Did some study before making a really nice healthy dinner of grilled aubergine & courgette, mashed butter beans and poached eggs. Followed that with pear & orange fruit salad with a spoon of flaxseed and some Greek yoghurt. Nice. Aside from the beans & pear, there was lots of fat & protein, which is what I want on a rest day.

A lot of my calories come from white coffee – I had 4 of them today and that works out to nearly 200 calories. Worth it, though I could probably go for espresso sometimes instead. Still, life’s little pleasures… maybe if I was properly cutting I could do that but as a lifestyle choice, I love a good flat white.

Fasting phase: This started reasonably early as I didn’t have anything after that nice dinner and then came in under my calorie goal, although I wasn’t hungry, which is probably a result of all that fat.

Overall, an easy day with really healthy and tasty food.

Stats: 1398 calories, 98g carbs, 71g fat, 89g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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