Day 54 – Thursday

Fasting phase, morning: I was a bit hungry at points but not too bad and waited until about 1pm to have lunch since to I ate late last night.

Feeding phase: Lunch was leftover veg cous cous again, which was still delicious! At ~400 calories, it kept me going until I got home and I knew that I wasn’t going to be working out so it was good to just not have any snacks as it can too easily just become a lazy habit of constantly grazing.

There are tons of eggs in the fridge so I made a 4 egg omelette with mushrooms and smoked cheddar cheese. I had an apple for dessert which nicely sweet and fresh – feels good to think of an apple as dessert.

All day I just wanted to eat everything – I suspect hormones are kicking in so I’ve not taken it as a sign of actually needing to eat since I can see how much I have and it’s the right amount, if not a bit extra. Later on I indulged in a fruit salad with yoghurt that I mixed with cocoa powder to make chocolatey – so nice!

Fasting phase, evening: I had the fruit salad just before starting this so I was fine to roll into it.

Overall, a day of feeling like I want to eat everything was made a bit easier by not eating much, to be honest. It’s easier to eat nothing in the morning, know what Im’ eating during the day and nothing in the evening rather than deciding on every hour how much of what can I have and so on because eating didn’t satiate hunger today so I know it wasn’t about getting food in, it was something to do with comfort and hormonal cravings. I didn’t get enough fat & protein again…

Stats: 1446 calories, 142g carbs, 59g fat, 81g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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