Day 53 – Wednesday

Fasting phase, morning: I was out of the office all day at a team planning day so had to make do with one double espresso in the morning and that’s it til lunchtime. It was totally fine though and actually quite good to have had almost zero calories so I didn’t have to think too much about lunch.

Feeding phase: The menu options were all either potato or pastry or bread! I hate eating out sometimes. I got the goat’s cheese & beetroot salad and got the dressing on the side so that I didn’t just chow down on loads of oil. It was really lovely and nice and light for a day of sitting around thinking and discussing and planning. I had just the one coffee as they didn’t really give us much in the way of supplies. I had brought an oatmeal bar and an apple thankfully as I like to keep my brain from going to mush without some food.

I had yoga class after that and of course couldn’t eat before that and following that I went for some sports massage, so didn’t get home til after 10pm! I had to have dinner though but fortunately I had leftover veg cous cous so I heated that up – it’s always so worthwhile making big batches of dinner. The sports massage was interesting, they totally pummeled my shoulders. It was a class so I had a student and a teacher do some work on me. They said to come back for a few sessions and they’ll see how much they can sort out my shoulders – they immediately saw the imbalance and noted the rounding. The teacher suggested stopping all exercise but I think that’s a bit extreme, to be honest. Still, it’s good to hear an expert’s opinion on a few things – for example, he noted that my upper pecs need more work so said that incline bench and incline press would be much better for me than flat bench and I will do that next time bench day comes up.

Fasting phase, evening: It started around 11pm, I think, following an indulgent teaspoon of pure peanut butter – damn, it’s so tasty! I have a bit of a headache which is probably from not eating for so long plus having all that massage, which was around my shoulders & neck and was quite painful at times.

Overall, not a bad day though I had a long period without food and had to eat late. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes. I’m still not getting enough protein though…

I’ve also been thinking that I should do some kind of consolidation on these blog posts to put together bits of my experience into some kind of whole. I also may change it to focus on progression in exercise & other goals. Maybe when I get to Day 60 or something…

Stats: 1662 calories, 144g carbs, 88g fat, 79g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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