Day 52 – Tuesday

Fasting phase, morning: I was actually a bit hungry this morning, even though I had eaten a good bit later in the day yesterday. It passed though.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a simple tuna & boiled egg salad and some creamy mushroom soup. Very nice. Later on, I had an oatmeal bar and an apple so that when I got home I could work out without being hungry. I also had a bit of fruit & yoghurt just before working out too.

Did a good workout – deadlift day – and got another 2 sets of 10 on uneven squats, which feels really good. I’m probably months away but I can see the goals getting nearer on some of my bodyweight stuff. I followed the workout with a nice veg stew to which I added cous cous to soak up the liquid and add some carbs. Really light still though so I had some more fruit and yoghurt and oatmeal bar and followed it all with a spoon of straight peanut butter – nom nom nom!

Fasting phase, evening: I was nice and full for this and went to sleep on a fairly full stomach.

Overall, a great day filled with good food! I love workout days. I also found out that I won 6 months supply of coffee from the raffle at London Coffee Week! 😀

Stats: 2017 calories, 219g carbs, 83g fat, 103g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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