Day 51 – Monday

Fasting phase, morning: Following a lack of food for most of the evening, I worried that I would really feel it this morning but nope, I was grand actually. I think my body is getting used to not eating in the morning, plus it feels right to have nothing for a while and let my body do its thing with what it’s got – it just doesn’t feel wrong like I’m denying myself something I need.

Feeding phase: There was a team celebration lunch in work and I already knew I was going to a friend’s place for dinner so I was a bit worried about how much I was going to consume, particularly as yesterday wasn’t to plan and I usually like to follow a day like that with a day of well-planned nutrition. So I had grilled fish and salad for lunch and for the rest of the afternoon, I had no snacks and just a cup of tea and a coffee. I was full from lunch anyway but I normally will have something mid-afternoon, even just an apple, so I did have to restrain myself.

Dinner wasn’t totally out of my hands as we had a buffet of starters to choose from, so I ate a lot of lettuce and kept the humous low and avoided the bread – I know what I’m doing now! Main course was lamb and steamed veg with chutney & mint yoghurt – again, fairly easy to keep it low and simple but have a full meal. Dessert was an indulgence though – whoa! Double cream, melted dark chocolate and fresh fruit – no pastry, no bread, no big carbs so actually it was fine, although I did just want to keep eating it until it came out my ears and my eyes as it was soooo tasty.

Fasting phase, evening: Didn’t keep an eye on the clock so not sure when I really started this but if I went into overtime it would only have been with a cup of tea.

Overall, a successful day. I had two meals out today and I even had dessert with double cream but through some knowledge-based decisions, I was able to still keep roughly in my target! Most great of all, though, were the carbs! I kept the count lower than I think I may ever have for having 2 meals out, one of which I had less control over. I owe this to IF for having no breakfast to deal with and fewer milky drinks since I have none until after lunch, plus education on which foods are good for me and which are a bit of a waste of calories basically. All helped by the decision to eat meat again.

Stats: 1662 calories, 99g carbs, 99g fat, 80g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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