Day 50 – Sunday

Fasting phase, morning: Slept a little later this morning so expected a smaller fasting window. However, I didn’t end up eating breakfast until around 2pm, which was about 4 hours after getting up. We decided to go out for breakfast and ended up wandering around looking at places that were full or just not good enough (poncey half-breakfasts for double the price, for example).

Feeding phase: Devoured a full meat breakfast with bread – 2 rashers, 1 sausage, 2 eggs (poached), 1/2 cup of baked beans, black pudding. My first pork sausage & black pudding since I stopped being veggie – good stuff. I downed 2 coffees as well and then followed all that with a shared apple crumble & custard! The whole meal came to about 1200 calories – woops! However, given it was mostly meat, it did keep me full til about 8pm so it wasn’t a total waste of calories like it would be with a carby meal like a pizza. However, (part 2), mainly because of the bread, carbs were dominant in this otherwise meat & dairy meal – they get everywhere! The breakdown is (not including coffee): 1206 calories 104g carbs, 60g fat, 61g protein. Had I not had the bread, it would’ve been 991 calories, 69g carbs, 57g fat, 52g protein. When my total caloric intake is supposed to be around 1500 for maintenance, a difference of 215 calories means a difference of 14% of daily intake.

Still, thankfully I wasn’t hungry at all until about 8pm when I had a boiled egg mixed in with some cottage cheese seasoned with salt & pepper. It was actually quite lovely and I’ll have it again as a snack, plus it was filling enough for me to go to bed on.

Fasting phase, evening: I did feel slight hunger pangs around midnight but I was already on the way to bed and off to sleep so it was fine.

Overall, an accidental calorie overdose for breakfast that turned out to be okay. I will probably feel the gap between eating tomorrow before lunch though as lunch won’t be until after 1pm. I have re-learned the bread lesson though and also felt the protein & fat lesson.

Stats: 1407 calories, 124g carbs, 68g fat, 73g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (not counting the half hour or so of walking around looking for breakfast).


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