Day 49 – Saturday

Fasting phase, morning: I volunteered at the London Coffee Festival from 10am to 2pm, so again I had the chance to experience fasting while being on my feet in a new environment and this time completely switched on and talking to passing strangers. It was absolutely fine! I didn’t feel hungry at all – helped that we had free espressos around the corner from our stand too. 🙂

Feeding phase: I brought an oatmeal bar with me to break the fast with at around midday, so I did that and had a white coffee too. I then didn’t eat again until about 2:30pm when I had a great lunch courtesy of the Arancini Brothers – really tasty stuff. Then I wandered around the festival sampling coffee, chocolate, fudge, etc.

When I came home, tere was a sexy salad with tuna and halloumi waiting for me. Bloody nice! Nommed the shit out of that and ate the little sweet treats I’d brought home – some marshmallows, chocolate truffles and turkish delights – all from a stall called Viviane’s where they make healthy food. The brownie I bought from then was flourless anyway, but they didn’t give information on how the other stuff was healthy.

Even though I’d been on my feet for hours in the excitement of all that caffeine, I managed to do a 1h 15m workout AND it was squats day. I feel great!

I’m off now to Hexstatic…. will finish this tomorrow.


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