Day 48 – Friday

Fasting phase, morning: I got hungry-ish around 10:30am, which seems to be a bit of a habit. I tend to have a herbal tea or espresso then and it’s soon time for lunch.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast around 12:30pm with a veggie omelette and a coffee. I had a side salad and asked for tuna & a boiled egg to see how trying to get in lots of fat & protein works out without proper planning. Worked out well and my lunch turned out to be about 66g protein, 16g fat and 41g carbs. I really need to look into what a high fat, high protein, low carb meal looks like – a bit of an education gap there.

I bought edamame beans yesterday to see about munching on them as a snack as they’re good for protein. Turns out they’re really damn tasty! But annoying to eat as they require opening the pod, squeezing them out then discarding the pod and your hands get a filmy substance on them – not conducive to computer work. I might see about getting some de-podded ones or something. Must see what other veg will keep at my desk during the day.

Finished off that salad from yesterday for dinner but without the couscous, so I had about 2 portions, which was almost roughly equal proportions of carbs/fat/protein.

The carbs of the day could have been avoided – biscuits & chocolate – but there you go. It was all within my calorie range but definitely I could do with optimising the macro breakdown. It’s something I’ve known I need to do but considering leangains has highlighted it to me now.

Fasting phase, evening: I started the fast after a white coffee sometime before 9:30pm.  I’ve been studying so I had another espresso to keep my mind going and have been downing lots of water as well.

Overall, a good day where I kept to my targets roughly and with some ease.

Stats: 1575 calories, 156g carbs, 59g fat, 106g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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