Day 47 – Thursday

Fasting phase, morning: I’ve been doing a 30 day yoga challenge, of which this is Day 7, where I do at least 2 sun salutations in the morning. Now that I don’t eat breakfast in the morning, I have more time and an empty stomach so it would be great to fit in some regular yoga. I’ve started with just sun salutations to keep it easy so that I can create the habit and then I’ll add stuff in. I’ll probably try to get to about 10 minutes of mostly sun salutations but adding in poses here and there. I want to keep it a fluid moving session though.

I realised this morning that the vague sense of hunger I feel in the mornings is actually different to the hunger I feel when I get to lunchtime. In the morning, it’s more of a feeling of having not eaten for a while as opposed to later when it’s more about wanting to eat or feeling the need to eat.

There’s a bake sale today so I made some oat cookies last night using bananas, pecans, roasted hazelnuts and some cocoa powder (~91 calories each). We’ll see if anyone wants them as they’re not going to be as sweet as they would probably expect. Any left over can go for free anyway, it’s not important. 🙂

Feeding phase: Broke the fast around 12:30pm with some tomato soup followed by a tuna nicoise salad and some coffee. I kept it light today as I was due to go out in the evening and therefore would not be working out. As it turned out, I did work out so I ate a fair bit post-workout.

It was a good workout – I got 2 sets of 10 single-leg assisted squats (uneven squats) and I moved up to ‘hanging frog raises’ as well. I got some good bench pressing in too and I think I’ll move up next time I do it. So, in summary – still getting those gains.

I made a nice big salad afterwards with avocado, smoked cheddar, bean sprouts and a yoghurt mustard dressing. I put some cous cous with it to get in some post-workout carbs but still it wasn’t enough so I had a massive sexy fruit salad with oat biscuits and a nutty oatmeal bar chopped up in it. I followed that with an apple & blueberry scone with jam. So nice to be able to eat all that and still be sticking to a diet plan!

Fasting phase, evening: Started the fast roughly at 10pm after having all that lovely food so feeling pretty satiated now and will head to bed.

Overall, a good day and I’m glad I didn’t go out as I got a great workout in and some really nutritious tasty food. Tomorrow will likely be a rest day and I have some of the salad leftover, which I can have when I get home before doing some study.

I’m still considering leangains and trying to see how much protein I can feasibly get into a day but it’s hard with a mostly veggie diet. Today I had tuna for lunch, a very nutritious salad and Greek yoghurt but still only 84g protein. Probably on rest days I could go for lots of meat to keep the carbs down and the protein up and on workout days I could go for protein rich veggie food as I need the carbs then anyway. Hmmm… will work this one out yet.

Stats: 1982 calories, 230g carbs, 84g fat, 84g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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