Day 46 – Wednesday

Fasting phase, morning: Strangely, I was fairly hungry during this for most of the early part of the morning, even though I ate tons yesterday. Maybe something to do with the proportion being mostly carbs as they don’t keep you full as long.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast around 12:30pm with some butternut squash casserole from the other day.

I’ve been seriously considering leangains today and have started keeping a notebook of the breakdown I would have each day. I want to get down to about 19% bodyfat and I think I’m probably somewhere like 21-22% now, so I could do it in about 10 weeks on a cut with -20% on rest days and maintenance on workout days. I have no problem with that (although it won’t be easy) but my main issue is the macronutrient cycling and getting lots of protein in. I’m going to do some work on what my meals would look like and how much extra it may cost if I end up introducing a lot more meat. If I do start this, I’ll wait until after my next period as making a change before then would likely affect PMS and so on.


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