Day 45 – Tuesday

Fasting phase, morning: Not sure what time the fast started last night but am finishing it late and am currently feeling the hunger (1pm). I had a massage appointment but there’s a problem with the room so I’m gonna wait for just a few more minutes and then I’m gonna have to break it. I have to be back at work for 2pm so can’t delay too long as I hate to rush through my food.

Feeding phase: I can’t wait any longer, I’m gonna eat! Broke the fast at about quarter past one with leftover butternut squash & quinoa casserole. Very nice. Now having a nice coffee. Ahhh.

Nutty oatmeal bar for a quick snack – lahvly. Man, I am so glad I am making my own snacks these days.

Whoo – today turned into a cheat day as I got some good news and went out for dinner to celebrate! Racked up just over 2k calories, which actually isn’t that bad when you think about it. It was pretty healthy too, it’s not like it was junk food. Plus I was sooo hungry by the time dinner came around because there was a delay so I ate dinner around 8pm after having eaten lunch just after 1pm. I did have an apple while I was waiting but that’s it.

I went to Jamie’s Italian, which was nice but I probably wouldn’t rush back again as it wasn’t that great. The food was nice but not very exciting and even the desserts were nothing to write home about. I’ve seen better meals on his TV shows, to be honest. Anyway, I had turkey for the first time since before I was a veggie and prosciutto for the first time ever, so that was nice.

Fasting phase, evening: Started this following the meal so it was about 9:30pm or so. I was totally stuffed so eating anything wasn’t even a question.

Overall, a good day though I could’ve done with breaking the fast earlier. Still, it’s nice to feel actual hunger kicking in as opposed to just a vague feeling of having not eaten, which is what I get in the mornings now. It was nice to write off the dinner as a cheat meal and not feel like it’s gonna set me back or destroy motivation or anything that might come with a normal diet plan.

Stats: 2194 calories, 206g carbs, 76g fat, 53g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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