Day 44 – Monday

Fasting phase, morning: Last bite to eat was fairly early yesterday but I’d had a good bit to eat too so I wasn’t hungry this morning. I’m still a bit ill so I was feeling pretty rough – tired, headachey, foggy mind.  I had some lemon & ginger tea with honey, which helped and an espresso later.

Feeding phase: At lunchtime, I went home as I had some leave to take so I was allowed take it last minute so I could go home and study, which I missed out on yesterday. Broke the fast at home with some curried carrot soup followed by the rest of the sweet & sour noodles from yesterday’s dinner. Having some coffee now and will do some study…

Broke for afternoon tea at about 5pm and had one of my nice scones with some butter. How very lovely.

Studied for a bit more then made some dinner of butternut squash and kidney beans in a tomato sauce. Very nice, very simple, very calorie friendly while also being filling and nutritious. Win! Went back studying then for a few hours – about 3 or so – accompanied by a nice large strong coffee.

Fasting phase, evening: Barely noticed this start as I was head down into the books.

Overall, an easy rest day where I managed to keep to my calorie target while still having had a scone and an oatmeal bar. That’s pretty good going really, although I had a lot of carbs for a rest day. I’m considering carb/fat cycling but need to see what kinds of meals they would be as I don’t want to have to think about it so much.

Stats: 1560 calories, 207g carbs, 66g fat, 45g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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