Day 43 – Sunday

Fasting phase, morning: Went to support runners at the London Marathon, so did wonder about having something before noon as it can be a really exhausting day. I was only there from 10am so I held out and it was fine really.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a couple of scones made yesterday topped with jam followed by an oatmeal bar (also made yesterday). Then went off for something else as that’s not really a meal! Had a nice omelette and salad in a cafe down the road and some dodgy coffee, possibly instant. That set me right so back to the cheering post.

Stayed there til about 2pm when I went home as I was just feeling quite finished with it. I am still fairly sick and had planned to study that evening too so needed to get home to rest for a bit. However, I got home and just felt absolutely wrecked. I also fetl generally shite emotionally and a bit burnt out, so I indulged… I had yet another jam & scone with tea followed by a bowl of Greek yoghurt with banana, plum, 2 peanut butter oat biscuits and a little honey. Then I fell fast asleep on the couch for a couple of hours and after that I was good for nothing. I cancelled all my plans for the evening and ordered a Chinese delivery – sweet & sour veg with noodles.

Fasting phase, evening: Went to bed fairly early, fairly full.

Overall, a good day though I did wonder about how I would be for the cheering while ill and fasting. It was fine, though I did really want to go for a nice big brekkie when the time did come to break the fast. I should’ve made sure I knew where somewhere good for brekkie was nearby. I ate out for lunch & dinner (takeaway being not homemade basically) so it’s hard to calculate calorie intake and macronutrient breakdown. I did eat more than I needed and I do regret that but it wasn’t a lot so it’s not too bad, plus they were my homemade scones so they were quite healthy.

Stats: 1893 calories, 221g carbs, 81g fat, 73g protein. Activity level: Light (standing for 4 hours, walking for 20-30mins overall)


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