Day 41 – Friday

Fasting phase, morning: Still quite ill so had lemon & ginger tea with honey and later some espresso with a splash of milk, for comfort feelings really.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast just after noon with a nice humous salad in a cafe followd by some coffee. Chilled out there for a while then back to the office where I had a biscuit (oat peanut butter, homemade). Later on, I had one of my homemade oatmeal bars as I was thinking of going out later.

However, I got to mid-afternoon and decided I was still sick and it wouldn’t be a good idea to stretch myself energy-wise, so I went home.

Had an amazing quesadilla and salad for dinner, which was just light enough to be enjoyed for a night on the couch.

Fasting phase, evening: Fell asleep around 9pm on the couch so slept my way into the fasting phase!

Overall, I was pretty sick feeling for most of the day and pretty much just got through the day with as little hassle as possible.

Stats: 1493 calories, 141g carbs, 73g fat, 67g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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