Day 40 – Thursday

Fasting phase, morning: Went into work today and didn’t feel at all hungry until lunchtime, which was great. I hope the hunger hormone resetting thing is finally kicking in but it could just be because I’m sick.

Had a nice lemon & ginger tea with honey and just the one espresso before lunch crept up on me.

Feeding phase: Had the last of that leftover pasta for lunch, very nice. I’ll probably work out later on today so I have a couple of quinoa bars (the last 2) and an apple for later before I go home.

Dinner was ready when I got home – as it should be – and was a really nutritious frittata with beans & lentils. I made some oatmeal bars then with nuts & seeds and did a workout while they were cooling. It was deadlift day today and I managed to crank out 5 reps at 75kg, which is 1 more than last time, so that’s great. I also did some bodyweight stuff and managed to get 9 reps of a single leg squat with assistance – I can’t say they were all perfect form but good enough. I did a few other things and managed about an hour altogether. This gives me confidence that I’m not losing strength or energy with this fasting regime and calorie restriction.

Measurements – I have seen roughly a half kilo loss in weight in the last 2 weeks but no change on the measuring tape, which has concerned me as I don’t want to lose muscle, just fat, but I don’t think it’s really anything to worry about since the quantities are really quite small.

Followed my workout with a chopped up peanut butter oat biscuit, chopped up oatmeal bar (really tasty, my best batch yet!), chopped up orange and about 85g of Greek yoghurt. Very nice post-workout snack.

Made a cup of tea and did about a half hour of study. More reassurance that my diet isn’t making me weaker – I was able to concentrate no problem. It’s now 11pm, which is the only reason I’ve stopped studying as I do need to get a good bit of sleep too with all this work. I’ll probably go out tomorrow night so will go into work a little later and stay a little later, so I’ll get extra sleep, which is always good.

Fasting phase, evening: About an hour into this and feeling still fairly satiated from the day’s takings.

Overall, a fairly reassuring day. I’m sick, I’ve lost some weight, I worked a full day and I was able to do a workout, hit some PRs and then do some studying. Sounds healthy to me! 🙂

Stats: 1947 calories, 222g carbs, 65g fat, 109g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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