Day 39 – Wednesday

Fasting phase, morning: Illin’ all day so slept until noon, all the way through the fasting phase.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a nice fry-up made for me, nice one – couple of veggie sausages, couple of fried eggs, some roasted cherry tomatoes and homemade baked beans.Followed that by a nice apple muffin – that’s all of them gone, I’ll definitely be making more of those!

Chilled out on the couch for most of the day doing very little, feeling fairly shite. Had some homemade carrot soup followed by leftover pasta from last night for dinner. Damn I love it when food’s a mere microwave minute away.

All else I had was a couple of cups of tea, some coffee and a biscuit and yet… I was barely within my calorie range. Not sure if it’s just too low or I’m feeling it just because I was doing nothing else all day and so all you think about is snacking really.

Fasting phase, evening: Started a bit early just because I hit my calorie max. Will probably go to bed soon anyway, since I think I need to get some sleep to get better and be okay for work tomorrow.

Overall, I’d love to have eaten my way through today with snack after snack! But it was quite good to have a cut-off point too cause I wasn’t that hungry, would just have been eating out of boredom or some half-baked idea that you should feed a cold. I wouldn’t have felt better for it anyway.

Stats: 1574 calories, 176g carbs, 62g fat, 72g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (very! although I did do some laundry :))


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