Day 38 – Tuesday

Fasting phase, morning: Woke up with throat pain and stuffed head but had to go to the doc for blood tests and general check-up, so soldiered on! It was good to get outside actually, even though it was lightly raining, so by the time I arrived at the doc I was feeling okay. I wondered if a combination of fasting and blood-letting would make me feel weak or anything but actually I felt fine. The test with the nurse was good too and I left feeling great for having gone. 🙂 Had a nice lemon & ginger tea with honey for my throat when I got back and got down to some studying.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast around 12:30pm with leftovers from the other night (ratatouille) and followed that with a plum in yoghurt with two broken up oat & peanut butter biscuits. Very yummy.

More studying to be done… time for coffee.

Thinking about doing a light workout later on but I may be kidding myself. I’ll see how I feel later on, don’t want to prolong the cold.

18:45 – Just did a workout for about 45mins where I did squats and some other stuff. I was due to do squats anyway but didn’t do any of the bodyweight routine I normally do due to just wanting to keep it fairly quick and simple and not do anything that required lying on my back or going upside down because of the state of my sinuses. It was a good workout though I could feel myself start fading towards the end. Time to eat now!

21:35 – Had a great tuna & tomato pasta dish. Nice to be able to have a reason to have pasta – more carbs on workout day – rather than just going for it because it’s quick and easy. Followed up with chopped brazil nuts in yoghurt with a quinoa bar and a peanut butter oat biscuit chopped up in there. Lovely – lots of carbs & fat, nice.

Fasting phase, evening: Wasn’t watching the time so may have gone slightly into the fasting phase with some coffee but not to worry, it’s not like it’s a strict time.

Overall, a pleasing day since I was ill but didn’t feel bad effects from fasting in the morning, even giving some blood for a test – a great test of whether a fasting state makes you weaker or dizzy or anything, since I would definitely have felt that with either illness or blood loss and I had both! I also worked out today and was able to go for my proper lifts too so definitely not losing any muscle or strength.

Stats: 1813 calories, 227g carbs, 73g fat, 70g protein. Activity Level: Moderate.


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