Day 36 – Sunday

Fasting phase, morning: Got up and did some cleaning this morning, which brought me right up to about 11am when I needed to get ready to go out, so that was handy. Again, I had lots of energy to do stuff without having eaten for hours.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a Nando’s veggie wrap (600+ calories!) and some black beans roasted in tomato – very nice. Went to see an exhibition after that and had some coffee with a mate before heading home. Spent the rest of the day baking and making dinner, so it was a kitchen day for me, which is a nice way to spend a Sunday evening especially as I had cleaned it in the morning.

Made a ratatouille for dinner with loads of veg and some kidney beans accompanied by potato and carrot mash. Also made some carrot soup with curry spices – mild though so turned out slightly blander than planned but can always add to it when eating it so that’s okay.

Fasting phase, evening: I also made some apple muffins but they didn’t finish baking til I was fasting so I resisted the urge to taste them but I had a taster available to tell me how nice they were. 🙂

The online software I use to track my daily intake was giving me hassle so I couldn’t tell if I’d over- or under-done it but took an educated guess that I was either on track or under and found out the next day I was pretty much bang on! This is great as I really want to get to a point where I can tell pretty well where I’ve had enough and where I need more. Given the food generally available, it’s not always easy to tell just by how your stomach is feeling since a lot of high calorie food just aren’t that high in satiety.

Overall, a successful day with lots of low-level cardio activity (walking, standing, cleaning) and another day with activity first thing that wasn’t hampered by not having breakfast.

Did feel a bit dodgy today, which I think was a result of the biryani yesterday. Thankfully it didn’t develop into anything full-on.

Stats: 1539 calories, 210g carbs, 53g fat, 63g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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