Day 35 – Saturday

Fasting phase, morning: Went shopping this morning, so had an espresso machiatto around 10:30am, which kept me happy til I started fading around 12:30pm or so.

I was really pleased to have the energy and focus to be in a shopping centre without having had any food. It was quite nice.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a tortilla-less burrito that was okay – not that much in it but there was a good bit of black beans & rice so it filled me up enough without being too much. Carried on shopping and got another espresso machiatto later on, which was lovely.

Had a great day with a lot of retail success! I was there from 10:30am to about 16:30pm when I sat down and realised I had spent all I could so I had to leave. That hardy ever happens to me – usually I end up feeling rejected by every shop but today I got some proper swag. It helps to have dropped a size because clothes are fitting me better so I have more choice, but also my luck was very much in.

Did a workout when I got home for about an hour, which was really good as I thought I’d be too trashed from shopping. Bench day and I used the reverse pyramid method of training, which I like as I can push myself better with the heavy weight at the beginning following a proper warm-up. Got 35kg up for 8 reps, so may go up for the next workout. Also PR’d on close push-ups at 2×17.

Reheated the last of the biryani for dinner but I’m not sure I should have eaten it since it was made on the 10th of April and on Friday had been brought to work, brought out in my bag, brought home and put back in the fridge. I nuked the shit out of it but not sure it did the trick. Risky move.

Still had some calories to get in so had a quinoa bar and 2 peanut butter oat biscuits all slathered with some crunchy peanut butter. Damn, I love when I need to get in extra fuel!

Fasting phase, evening: Sailed into this on the back of those peanut butter tasty bits and went to bed fairly early after a good day.

Overall, I was happy to have been full of energy for shopping and then not have to worry about what I was eating for lunch since I was out. It was great to also have enough energy left for working out when I got home – I like to see proof that my energy isn’t suffering from any kind of calorie restriction, so that’s reassuring.

Stats: 1919 calories, 246g carbs, 69g fat, 80g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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