Day 34

Fasting phase, morning: Feel good today, still a bit tired and all that but nothing new there. Had an espresso on arrival into work and now a lemon and ginger tea – my desk-based work tends to be accompanied by a hot drink, I’ve noticed.

Feeding phase: Had a meeting from noon til 1pm, but broke the fast during that with a quinoa bar and a white coffee as I had to go to an event and could only have a sandwich on the train after 1pm. Had a seeded baguette with mozzarella, basil and tomato, which was lovely but very bready.

At the end of the event, around 4:30pm, I had some little tuna sandwiches before leaving which were a bit of an indulgence and I felt really full up of bread afterwards. Tuna is also quite filling but I really felt the bread of it.

When I got home, I had a tub of yoghurt as I was feeling the munchies and wanted something cold and fresh. Went out for a nice walk afterwards – getting that low level cardio routine in there – which was lovely but I’d been looking forward to having a coffee as well and the coffeeshop had the cheek to close! Disgraceful.

Dinner was a selection of good stuff – goat’s cheese, garlic cheese, soft cheese, smoked salmon, chorizo and an olive and tomato salad. I thought that was gonna throw me way out on my calories but it was actually really efficient. I still did go over my calories but with the amount of cheese and olives, I thought it’d be way more.

Fasting phase, evening: Resisted the urge for a white coffee to assist in studying late as my fast started before I got up off the couch – my own fault 🙂

Overall, a good example of a day when calorie restriction wasn’t hampered by eating out and not really having full control of my own menu for the day. I do feel the need for a cheat day but dinner tonight was so ‘cheat feeling’ that it’s lessened somewhat. I need to learn from this about making my food more and more tasty for less.

Stats: 1703 calories, 128g carbs, 81g fat, 112g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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