Day 33

Fasting phase, morning: Feeling fairly tired this morning so espresso as soon as I got into the office. I have meetings all morning from 10am so will break the fast at 1pm, which is perfect as I wanted a longer one today.

Feeding phase: Meetings til 1pm so broke the fast then with some of that biryani from the other day with some mango chutney. Luxury. Had a quinoa bar and a couple of biscuits (homemade, very healthy) later on before going home when I had a nice omelette based pizza – mostly black olives, tomatoes, sunblush tomatoes and pesto topped with parmesan cheese. Very nice.

Worked out after studying – overhead press day, no records – and needed to top up calories post-workout, so had some yoghurt with pear, hazelnuts and agave maple syrup. Still needed more calories, so broke out the peanut butter and had that on the last 4 slices of that bread I made the other day. Very fucking tasty indeed!

Fasting phase, evening: Started the fast just after finishing the peanut butter and now at almost 11pm, still feeling very satiated. Peanut butter – works every time.

Overall, I wish I had a control so I could know if I would be tired/hungry/whatever whether I had breakfast or not. Otherwise a fairly standard day. The main thing is getting enough on a workout day and not overdoing it on a rest day – it averages out properly though.

My weight hasn’t dropped so that’s good – that 53.5kg was a bit of a blip and probably due to the time I took it at as I was a few hours more into the fast. It’s stabilised around 54kg now.

Stats: 2140 calories (slightly over but I’m usually under on a work day so that’s fine), 196g carbs, 106g fat, 96g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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