Day 32

Fasting phase, morning: Working at home today so have a choice of herbal teas. Tried a red date one but bleurgh – too sweet. Moved on to ginger and sorrel, much better.

10:30 – Doc has referred me for some blood tests to check everything’s in order. She said I look pale and suggested we check for anaemia – I think that’s probably just a bit standard for chicks anyway, plus I take iron every other day and eat meat so it’s unlikely I’m anaemic. Worth checking out.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with some biryani from last night and then went for a walk with a takeaway coffee. Started lashing rain just as we got back inside, which is great cause we stayed dry and the garden got watered. All going well so far! 🙂 Oh yeah, had half a tiffin with my coffee – Belgian chocolate, phwoarh – glad I only had half though cause even at that it was 239 calories, woh!

Dinner was half a pizza with some rocket salad. I think I need a cheat day or something; I’ve been wanting to munch down something pizza-like or cake-like for a while now. I need to satiate this animal… or tame it. Not sure.

Fasting phase, evening: Made cookies – banana & peanut butter – and had to try one as they were done about 1.5 hours into the fast. Fuck it though, I’m not making cookies and not trying it straight out of the oven! 🙂 They’re nice but need something… I’m experimenting with ingredients so this time I put less oil and more peanut butter, plus I toasted the oats a lot and I think I may have overdone that. Anyway, may see about breaking the fast later tomorrow, although I only had half a cookie so it was only 39 calories so it’s not too bad.

Overall, a good day. I did some gardening and it was really nice to get outside and get my hands dirty. It meant I didn’t have time to do a workout but I spent the evening standing up baking or cleaning up in the kitchen and stuff so no loss really. I’ll be studying & working out tomorrow as normal so today felt like a bit of a break.

Stats: 1588 calories, 174g carbs, 74g fat, 46g protein. Activity level: Light.


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