Day 31

Fasting phase, morning: Back in work so up around 6:30am and feeling it now at 9am – quite tired. I’m having a lemon & ginger tea but may indulge in some espresso fairly soon.

11:10 – Feeling slightly hungry so gonna have a nice cup of tea with a splash of milk and will probably break at 12pm for lunch. It was much easier when I was getting up later to break at 1pm – obvious really but still.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a nice mushroom soup followed by a tuna nicoise salad and a coffee. Still feel like I could gobble down something stodgy though. Maybe it’s because of the ham & mustard toastie I was coveting as I left the cafe…

After work, I really felt like some sugar/fat/carbs so walked to the local cafe and bought a coffee & a chocolate pastry thing – so much phwoarh. Walked for about 20 minutes (bit of slow, ambling cardio) and went home to chill out before dinner, which was a really nice biryani – really hit the spot. I just want to stuff my face today and biryani with courgette, raisins, mango chutney, greek yoghurt… and so on was just right. However, I still felt like more later on so I had some rice cakes with cream cheese followed by a cup of tea. I was also feeling quite nauseous so let’s say I was confused as to what I needed. Stayed within my target calories though.

Fasting phase, evening: Barely noticed this sail in but it’s only been 20 minutes. Gonna hit the hay now as I’m feeling trashed, which has been most of the day.

Overall, a tough day where all I wanted to do was stuff my face with everything while simultaneously feeling both nauseous and tired. I’m off to the doc tomorrow so here’s hoping I’ll get some answers.

Stats: 1573 calories, 190g carbs, 61g fat, 66g protein. Activity Level: Sedentary.


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