Day 27

Fasting phase, morning: Decided to sleep on this morning so slept through most of this, though did spend some of my snoozing hours thinking about where to go have breakfast. However…

Feeding phase: … my husband woke me up with breakfast! I must’ve fallen into a deep sleep as I didn’t even hear him get up and prepare it but I woke up to tea, sausages, scrambled egg and roasted cherry tomatoes. Niiiice. That filled me right up until about 4pm when we stopped off in a pub following a bit of a walk to have some soup – borlotti bean & garlic. Quite nice, except we were charged for “Bread/water: £1” – cheeky fuckers.

Dinner was out with friends at a really nice veggie restaurant where I had a sexy tostada for starters and veggie sausage & celeriac mash for main. I skipped dessert as I was already pretty full and I knew I didn’t really have room since I hadn’t done much exercise, just about a 40minute walk. My calorie count for today is actually pretty good, though obviously it’s very roughly estimated for dinner.

Fasting phase, evening: Got home after 10pm but needed a splash of orange juice to wash down some supplements so had that and am now in fasting phase. Still really full from dinner, which’ll probably see me right through to tomorrow lunchtime.

Overall, a good day and it was nice to know to keep the meals small for dinner out later as I was able to just have whatever I wanted rather than thinking about having salad with no dressing or something. I didn’t really have room for a cheat day either, which is what I would normally do if I’m going out for dinner so I can gorge!

Stats: 1581 calories (probably underestimating), 134g carbs, 77g fat, 84g protein. Activity level: Light.


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