Day 25

Fasting phase, morning: On a course all day again so up slightly later, which is always nice. Have a bit of a headache similar to yesterday and someone turned the heat up in the room so it was rather uncomfortable. Hence, I did wish I was able to go tuck into some comfort food but I’m glad that wasn’t really an option as I kept in mind that it’s ultimately not going to satisfy me and therefore has a higher cost than benefit.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with leftovers from the Indian takeaway last night, which I’m pretty sure anyone with a sandwich was jealous of. I’m sure of it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That had me greatly satisfied and I didn’t feel the need for anything else, except a little piece of chocolate later on. As I was going out straight after work, I had a yoghurt, granola and stewed apple snack followed by an apple and some coffee and that was it. On the way home at about 9pm, I wanted to get something else to eat as I hadn’t had enough for the day, not that I was all that hungry to be honest, but I don’t like under-eating as I’ll only feel it the next day. I walked for about a mile but didn’t see much healthy stuff on sale at that time that didn’t require sitting in a restaurant and I was kinda looking to go home. Eventually settled on a salad wrap… meh, whatevs.

Fasting phase, evening: Sailed into it with a last minute brownie. ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, another day I was glad to be fasting in the morning and eating what I wanted during the day. It does make it a bit easier when the schedule isn’t ideal too. I did go slightly over but I was estimating a lot too so who knows and it was all healthy stuff. Activity level is hard to judge on days like this too – I did sit down for the majority of the day but expended a fair bit ‘networking’ plus walked for at least a mile post-event. I’m not counting it but it does have a need for more calories.

Stats: 1667 calories, 146g carbs, 67g fat, 63g protein. Activity Level: Sedentary.


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