Day 24

Fasting phase, morning: Got up slightly later than normal as I have a day long training course so not starting til 9am. Fast fit this perfectly as there was no need for thinking about snacks during the morning and I just had my one espresso and cup of herbal.

Feeding phase: Lunch was provided but I didn’t know in advance so I had brought in chicken & cherry tomatoes from last night so had those – yummy – and also half a tuna sandwich from the course provisions. Always a better selection when you’re eating meat! I was quite pleased to have brought in my own actually as all that was provided were sandwiches and bread is just not something I’m all that interested in eating a lot of unless I’m able to make room for it. It’s something I think should be treated like dessert – if you have the room, go for it but don’t eat it mindlessly or by default.

Had a snack around 4pm of yoghurt, granola and some stewed apple heated in the microwave. I was pleased again to have resisted the ‘high impact’ cakes that had been provided. I think providing bread & cakes is nice but ultimately sugar & carbs aren’t great for energy in the room, especially when people are sitting down all day talking.

18:30 – Home and ready for dinner! I’ve had a splitting headache all day and feel completely trashed/wiped out so take away is on the menu tonight. I’ll have half of it tonight and bring the other half in for lunch tomorrow. Lovely.

Great Indian takeaway of chana masala & mutter paneer with peshwari naan. Turns out I’ve gone over my target today again but hey-ho. The way I’m feeling at the moment (a bit ill with a raging headache and loads of tiredness) I’m happy to eat what makes me feel good and isn’t really detrimental to my health. I mean, I’ve had really good food today and no dessert, so it’s not like I’ve gorged! 🙂

21:00 – Gonna head to bed now so will sleep my way into the fasting stage. That or read my way into it with The Walking Dead graphic novel… not gonna make me hungry, is it? 🙂

Overall, a day where IF really fit my schedule. I was in a training course from 9am to after 5pm with limited breaks, so having no brekkie and no snacks in the morning enabled a big lunch followed by one snack later on and a big dinner which kept me happy and satiated all day.

Stats: 1745 calories (guessed for the takeaway), 175g carbs, 58g fat, 98g protein. Activity Level: Sedentary (very!).


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