Day 23

Fasting phase, morning: Still felt hungry this morning but time seemed to pass easier/faster than before – maybe I’m finally getting used to it? I had one large espresso and a cup of lemon & ginger tea and that’s it. Still keeping the caffeine low.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast at just after noon with a nice humous salad from Pret followed by a white coffee and a yoghurt & berry pot for dessert. The yoghurt tasted so sweet! I think I have re-educated my taste buds on sweetness since starting a calorie restriction as I have almost totally gone over to the Greek yoghurt side.

14:00 – Still feeling pretty satiated and haven’t had any more coffee, so that’s good. Also still feeling a bit ill so that probably helps. My BBC Good Food magazine arrived today 😛 – it was really nice to look through that over lunch and be able to identify substitutes I can make to make the recipes healthier. Mainly consisting of using oats instead of flour/breadcrumbs and Greek yoghurt instead of cream/sour cream/creme fraiche/mascarpone – for some you might need to add some sweetener and for that, there’s stevia, which is the substitute for sugar. Stevia could be used to substitute for honey as well but honey has other properties you might need for the baking/cooking, plus it’s lovely.

Got home and had a quick snack of yoghurt, granola & half a grapefruit. Didn’t feel hungry at all again until time for dinner and only then because it looked sooo good. I made chicken with pesto stuffing and roasted tomatoes with pine nuts. Aw yeah.

Fasting phase, evening: I barely notice this in the evening, to be honest. I just know I can’t have another cup of tea or whatever which fits with my sitting down and not getting up for much anyway.

Overall, a fine day though I do look forward to a day when I’m not missing breakfast. I don’t really want it but I do notice its absence.

Stats: 1670 calories, 136g carbs, 80g fat, 109g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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