Day 21

Fasting phase, morning: Up at about 9am today and starting with a cup of chai tea (no milk, no sugar) as I’m cutting down on coffee for a while.

Feeding phase: Made oat pancakes and had them with some maple syrup followed by some freshly made nutty granola with Greek yoghurt and banana with honey. Beautiful. An 800 calorie breakfast… nice.

18:00 – Naptime! Did some study but my brain is elsewhere and I’m trashed – I must be ill so I’m gonna go with it and sleep my way through.

Dinner was a really nice lamb stew with potatoes coming in at about 500 calories, which is low for the size of the serving. 26g protein – not bad.

Fasting phase: Slept my way into this on the couch while watching some shit on telly, not even sure what.

Overall, I must be ill so just going with the flow for now and will see the doc if I don’t get better in a few days. Calories were above target today but that’s good as it makes up for yesterday.

Stats: 1738 calories, 229g carbs, 63g fat, 75g protein. Activity Level: Sedentary.


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