Day 20

Fasting phase, morning: Feeling pretty rough this morning and really don’t want to be in work. I’m looking forward to lunch but not sure if that’s just because I can take a break or because it means the day is over soon or because I’m hungry. Could be any of those.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with the rest of the tuna bean salad from yesterday with an additional hard boiled egg. So nutritious, so delicious.

13:30 – Already had some chocolate (Green & Black’s 70% cocoa) and my oatmeal bar and a white coffee. Not really pacing myself today but am having a stressful work day so could do with eating now and then nothing til I get home.

Got home early enough and had roast veg & quinoa for dinner almost immediately so I could get a workout in later on. Leaving work at 4pm means I get home early enough to do all that and even better if it’s already made and I just need to heat it up. Did a good workout – hit a PR on the deadlift: 70kg for 3×5. I was gonna keep raising the weight to find my 1RM but wanted to achieve two challenges with the squat: 3 reps at 45kg and 20reps at 27.5kg. Felt good.

Had some cottage cheese on rice cakes afterwards followed by a sexy oatmeal bar with a slather of peanut butter… but still didn’t make the right number calories for today. I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Fasting phase, evening: Will probably head to bed soon so as usual, most of the fast will be in the morning.

Overall, a good day with pretty good timing of stuff and I’m glad to have had a decent workout.

Stats: 1672 calories, 189g carbs, 48g fat, 111g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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