Day 19

Fasting phase, morning: Up at about 8:30am on a day off today. I have an appointment for 10:30am for a Bod Pod bodyfat estimate so it’s fortunate that it’s better if you don’t eat beforehand since this is my ‘normal’ now. Looking forward to the estimate, although I hope I haven’t underestimated myself so far… I think I may be around 23%. Ideally I would be 20% but I’m fairly sure I’m not there yet!

Update: The measurement was waaaay off – 10% bf. There’s just no way that’s correct. No way. Very disappointing as I still don’t know what I am then. Now I want to go get another one done but not bodpod this time, probably calipers if not the water one.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a white coffee while waiting to go for pizza. Had a great pizza in Pizza Express but it was very expensive – £11.10. Oh well, it was nice… for 800 calories. 🙂 One problem with eating out is not the hard to avoid calories (even salad has dressing) but the lack of information about nutritional breakdown. Pizza Express have calorie counts but nothing else, so won’t have proper macro count for today.

Dinner was an amazing nutritious salad with tuna, borlotti beans, raw courgette… phwoarh. Followed by black bean brownies and banana custard that I made last night. The brownies were nice but a bit sweet and the custard was a bit thick and not all that tasty – quite banana-y but nothing exciting.

Fasting phase, evening: Slipped into fasting stage following a coffee post-dinner where I tried to study but I’m just not with it today. Feeling absolutely knackered so off to bed with me. Looking forward to a quiet weekend where I can catch up on stuff.

Stats (missing macro breakdown for lunch): 1496 calories, 99g carbs (definitely too low considering lunch was pizza), 49g fat (pizza with cheese…), 70g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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