Day 18

Fasting phase, morning: Pretty easy this morning and quite nice to not bother with it. I’m definitely enjoying shorter ‘getting ready’ times in the morning at home and I spend longer brushing my teeth, so that’s good!

Just one espresso and a lemon & ginger tea and loads of water.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a nice big vegetarian omelette, salad and a couple of white coffees. Really nice Portuguese (I think) place around the corner from my office with outside space, so it was great to sit out in the blazing March sun. 🙂

Dinner was roasted veg with some quinoa before going to the shops to pick up some more Greek yoghurt & cottage cheese – can’t get enough of those! Picked up some more stuff and made some black bean & chocolate brownies and some banana custard (mainly to use up the egg yolks from the brownies). Brownies came to 45cals per serving and custard came to 134cals per serving. I haven’t tasted either yet as I’m now into my fast (it’s nearly midnight) but they look good.

Finished the feed with a sexy bowl of Greek yoghurt, oatmeal bar, an orange and some agave maple syrup – I’ve had 3 oatmeal bars today but they are just so damn handy and tasty! Also I think they’ll go off really soon so want to finish them off.

Fasting phase, evening: Barely noticed the fasting period as I was busy baking!

Overall, an easy day though hormones dragging me down with waves of tiredness and some nausea. Made it easier to not be eating and didn’t want to drink a lot of coffee.

I’m not getting a good macronutrient ratio at the moment but I’ve bought some meat and I have a little more time at the moment so will sort that out with some better prepared meals.

Stats: 1586 calories, 208g carbs, 59g fat, 58g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (although I did wander round the shops for at least an hour).


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