Day 17

Couldn’t get wordpress to work yesterday so catching up today from memory…

Fasting phase, morning: Still feeling fairly ill & tired with hormones so it was a struggle to just stay focused and interested. All I wanted to do was lie down for a nap. Had just the one espresso and a herbal tea as I didn’t want to overload on caffeine and then crash.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a nice tuna nicoise salad from Pret out in the sun by the river. Held back from the apple for at least an hour to pace myself. Later on I had a quick snack at home of cottage cheese on rice crackers – best snack, so simple and nutritious and fresh – so that I could work out without being hungry. Also had an oatmeal bar with a layer of smooth peanut butter – niiiiiice.

Put on veg to roast while I worked out so I was going between the kitchen and sets a few times. 🙂

As I’ve added in a weights set to my bodyweight workout, I realised that I’m actually doing what a leangains workout would be though I need to check if it’s the same or similar intensity. So it’s quite possible I could get to the point where I am following the leangains principles without too much difficulty. However, there are two more elements – carb cycling and meal timing – that I may find more difficult, but I’ll see.

Had a good dinner of roast veg, mashed parsnips and some beans from the other day but still had some room, so had another oatmeal bar with a layer of peanut butter – crunchy this time.

Fasting phase: Started the fast shortly before going to bed so no biggie.

Overall, generally felt rough today from hormones but felt great for exercising and getting up and doing things, like making dinner and stuff like that. Didn’t make my calories for the day but was satiated and not denied anything, even peanut butter, so I’m happy with that.

Stats: 1526 calories, 190g carbs, 54g fat, 76g protein. Activity level: Moderate.


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