Day 16

Fasting phase, morning: Feeling a bit hungry but nothing exciting. It still feels good to not eat in the mornings but I’m wondering if I ever will wake up not thinking about the fact that I’m fasting.

10:55 – I have noticed that I’m not as warm in the mornings a few hours before I eat again, even though I’m drinking probably the same or more coffee. And my throat isn’t properly clear – my voice sounds slightly hoarse – and coughing or drinking water doesn’t totally clear it.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast with a nice pesto pasta and salad dish. Hard to calculate how much there was in it but I’ve come up with 500 calories, which sounds about right. Gonna sort myself out with some coffee now.

I’m figuring out that (a) during the fasting phase, it’s okay to be hungry and (b) during the feeding phase, pace yourself.

17:45 – Putting together a frittata to go with half serving of the salad from yesterday before playing some badminton at 7pm-ish. Timing is everything… don’t want to puke on the court.

19:55 – Not going to badminton as I’m not feeling up to it at all. The hormones are taking me down without a fight!

Fasting phase, evening: No exercise today as I’m feeling pretty rough – nausea, pain, fatigue. Got some study done and stayed within my calorie target though.

Overall, a day of feeling like shite but ate and worked well.

Stats: 1472 calories, 134g carbs, 81g fat, 56g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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