Day 15

Fasting phase, morning: Still pretty much feeling the effects of yesterday’s feast but have a nice brunch planned of a fry up with rashers – I haven’t had rashers in more than 10 years since I was vegetarian for about 16 years, so I’m looking forward to that even though I’m not really hungry.

Feeding phase: Great breakfast – rashers, toast, mushrooms, tomatoes, poached eggs, tea. Went for a walk to the park afterwards and sat in the sun for a while with a coffee, which was really nice. The great thing about the day after a cheat day is that I don’t feel that hungry and also I don’t feel like I should/can have any cake so it makes it easy – I don’t feel I’m denying myself.

Dinner was a great big salad as neither of us were feeling all that hungry and I followed it later with an oatmeal bar drenched in Greek yoghurt & maple/agave syrup.

Fasting phase, evening: Went to bed early as I was totally trashed.

Overall, a day where I was fine in the morning, aside from feeling what may possibly be a food hangover, and then an evening & night of no energy which is possibly due to hormones dragging me down. So I slept a lot on the couch, watched some films and went to bed.

Stats: 1485 calories, 161g carbs, 50g fat, 78g protein. Activity level: Sedentary (not counting the walk to the park).



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