Day 14

Fasting phase, morning: Went to the Open Rights Group Conference so brought an Alpen bar to break the fast at 12pm as there wasn’t a break until 1pm and I’d still need to go find somewhere to eat. Had a double espresso machiatto and some water for the morning and it was pretty easy to deal with as I was very interested in the conference so wasn’t thinking about lunch at all.

Feeding phase: Had lunch at a nice cafe nearby and then got myself an amazing brownie from Eat cafe for dessert. Phwoarh, it was so nice I shouldn’t have been eating it in public. Later on had half a tuna toastie from Pret but was still hungry and just wanted to keep eating so thought – fuck it, I’m out, I’m going out for dinner and not gonna think about the nutritional breakdown. Went to a nice Mexican and accidentally ate loads of nachos, which I’m pretty sure were loaded with MSG or something – bleh. Then had a great meal and was really full for ages, which is about right as it was massive in calories.

Fasting phase, evening: Was out with a few friends for the evening so the last meal was that Mexican which was around 6:30/7pm. I’m assuming polo mints don’t break the fast cause I had to keep eating them for the evening to be fair to anyone I talked to!

Overall, a nice day which I decided to have pretty free from restrictions so I ate what I felt like eating when I felt like it and stayed out so I didn’t go home, which has become a bit of a place of work. I hadn’t had a proper day off like that in ages and it was such a lovely sunny day that it was great timing.

Stats: 2017 calories, 203g carbs, 84g fat, 73g protein. Activity level: Sedentary.


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