Day 13

Fasting phase, morning: Got up a little later this morning, as planned, so only into work at about 9:30am rather than the usual 8am-ish. Almost thought I was taking a holiday from fasting as well and nearly went to make a white coffee rather than espresso but remembered in time.

I’m out after work today at a place with crap food, so have brought something to eat before I go out, plus an oatmeal bar, peanut butter oat cookie and an apple. Should be enough.

10:20 – Just realised that I started the fast around 9:30pm or so last night, maybe earlier, and I won’t break for lunch until the team is ready to go, probably around 1pm. Hmmm, accidentally doing a longer fast… could break it with my oatmeal bar or something but might just wait and see how it feels to go longer. Not the best timing as I’m pretty sure my hormones are making things a bit harder for me but we’ll see how it goes.

12:05 – Lunch is at 12:30pm (well, leaving the office at 12:30pm) so I may as well hold out.

Feeding phase: Broke the fast at around 1pm with a lovely ricotta & mushroom strudel with salad and had that in the park under a blazing March sun. It was really hot!

Had a nice white coffee when I got back accompanied by a peanut butter oat biscuit. I’ve put in the rest of the stuff I know I’m gonna have for the day so I can see how much else I need to have to hit the target and it’s about 250 calories out, so that’s ab0ut 5 white coffees – aw yeah! 😀

18:16 – Nice big salad with an egg muffin for dinner, followed by the oatmeal bar and now feeling fairly full. Should be okay for the evening, though still have a couple of hundred calories to get in if possible – unlikely to be any healthy food in the pub!

Fasting phase, evening: Had another oatmeal bar before starting the fast as I was really peckish just before going into the club. Realised it was the first time I was out while fasting but it’s not like I eat when I’m in a club so it didn’t make any difference. 🙂

Overall, not a bad day and it’s fairly easy to cope with schedule changes in terms of fast-breaking.

Stats: 1805 calories, 179g carbs, 85g fat, 52g protein. Activity Level: Light (dancing).


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