Day 12

Fasting phase, morning: I feel hungry this morning and I’m wondering if hormones are gonna make this harder. Still, if I have good reason or principle behind what I’m doing I can usually stick to it as I take the long-term view – I’ve generally been quite good at resisting instant gratification in favour of long-term gain.

09:30 – I’ve already had one espresso and plan to have another one with my protein powder later on so having lemon & ginger tea instead. I reckon it’s probably not a good idea to have 3 espressos before lunch.

11:40 – I’ve reassessed going to the lunchtime exercise class and have decided against it. Mainly it’s about time and stressing about it – I would have to make sure I get my protein shake & oatmeal bar in at 12pm, then leave at 12:30pm to get changed in the loo in work and get to the class before 1pm (trying to catch a bus on the way as it takes about 20mins walking). Then I would have the class for an hour (hard cardio) and come back (hopefully on the bus) to work to shower (with hopefully no queue) and get back to my desk to eat lunch while working. It all adds up to just too much hassle & that brings little stress moments. I will consider going to some evenign classes sometime as they’re on every evening from about 6pm, but I won’t be able to commit this year.

In other news, I’ve an appointment for body fat analysis for next Thursday so that should be interesting. It’s supposed to be a fairly accurate measure of body fat % and they also give you an estimate for total daily energy expenditure. This will be helpful for calculating targets for calories and to see how accurately I’ve estimated it!

Feeding phase: Went out for lunch with a friend and broke the fast with a lovely vegetarian omelette and salad. Had my oatmeal bar when I got back to work and have had about 3 coffees altogether. Lovely.

20:40 – Had a really nice tuna steak with purple sprouting broccoli and cherry tomatoes when I got home but it just didn’t fill me. So I just made some protein oat pancakes using chocolate protein powder – soo tasty! Now I am full! Got the recipe from here: They’re really easy to make and turn out light and fluffy even though I’m a total amateur with these.

22:30 – Study all done, will do a quick workout just to get some movement going.

23:20 – Quick 25min workout done – all bodyweight stuff. Feels good. Now to bed for a well-earned bit of kip.

Overall, a day of being very tired but doubtful that’s due to nutrition, more likely due to hormones. Ploughed on through, got everything done I meant to do, including a quick workout to make up for missing the lunchtime session. Got a lot of protein today but didn’t quite reach my calorie target. However, may get up a little later tomorrow as I’ll be going out from work so no need to be in early and so my fasting window should be smaller.

Stats: 1473 calories, 101g carbs, 68g fat, 110g protein. Activity level: Light.


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